Make The Most of Your Trackers And Rotators

Most people fall short in knowing how to effectively use tracker links and rotators.  I am going to do my best to show you how to make the most of the trackers and rotators defined in a LFMTE script.  This is what we use on all our traffic exchanges as shown under Our Sites in the sidebar.

Your trackers are the sites you want to track stats on and put into a rotator.
You simply click on Trackers at the top of the Rotator/Tracker page
and enter the URL you wish to track and give it a tracker name.
Just a short name or no more than eight characters is needed. 

After you have entered a new tracker, it will be listed near the top
of the page. 

The number of trackers you are allowed is determined by your
membership level.

NOTE:  We only allow 5 trackers (or sites) in any rotator.

 In the Source Rank column, there is a box for each tracker
defined.  Make sure you click on that box to enable Source
Rank.  It will show a green checkmark in that box after
clicking on it.  Once the tracker is added to a rotator and
that tracker page is shown to a user, they get an opportunity to
rate your site. They choose a rank from 1 to 5 with 5 being

There is also a place for comments as well.  The user ranking
your site is then able to get a free downloadable prize.  We
have loaded at least 10 different info products into the Source Rank
system.  The first time a user rates a page, they get gift
number one.  The next time they rate a page, they get gift
number two until they have received all the gifts we have loaded for
them to receive.

Once you have entered at least two URLs of sites you want to track;
then you can create a rotator.   The number of
rotators you can have is also determined by your membership level.
Now to create a rotator, you need to click on Rotators at the top of
the page.  From a dropdown box at the top of the Rotator’s
page, you select Create A New Rotator; then click on the View/Manage
Rotator button to the right of the dropdown box. 

It will open a new screen telling you how many rotators you can
define.  There is a place for you to enter a name for your new
rotator.  Then click on the Create Rotator button.  The
name you enter will be used as part of the rotator URL.

 The next screen will show your rotator URL and has buttons to
add sites, see daily stats or delete the rotator.  Click on
Add/Edit Sites to select the trackers you want to include in this
rotator.  A pop-up box will appear showing all your trackers.
You simply click on the box to the left of each tracker you want to
be included in the rotator and click on Update Rotator. 

You are then returned to the screen where you came from.  The
trackers you chose  are then shown right below the Rotator URL.
They are number from one to how many trackers you have added to that

Below the Add/Edit, Show Stats and Delete Rotator buttons is the
Traffic Control Graph.  The Traffic Control Graph allows
you to control the frequency of how often a tracker is shown in
relation to the other trackers.

Each tracker’s number is given a line graph.  Say you want site
number 2 to be shown more, you just drag its bar toward the top of
the graph.  Then click on Update button below the graph.

Below the Traffic Control Graph is Advanced Settings.  The
options shown are:  Enable Smart Filter, Show Top Rotator Frame
(enabled for upgraded members only),  Show My Gravatar in Top
Rotator Frame and Show My Social Branding Info in the Top Rotator

You always want to have Enable Smart Filter enabled.  It will
have a green checkmark next to it if it is enabled.  This
reduces the chance of your tracker being shown in the same site
where you are promoting it at.

You have the option to click in the box next to the other options to
enable them.  It always looks better if you ARE showing your
Gravatar picture and your Social Branding Info.

You then promote the rotator URL wherever you can. 

After a few days, come back to Rotators and click on Daily Stats.
It will show you a line graph of Hits Received, Unique Hits, or
Conversions via a drop-down selection.  Also shown on that page
is Top Sources Today with name of the site and the number of hits

By far the neatest part of our Tracker/Rotator
system is the Stats link at the top of the page.  Click on that
and it will show you various stats about your trackers, rotators,
source rank or combo stats. 

So get into your member’s area and
setup some trackers and at least one rotator; put your rotator URL
wherever you want to advertise it; and come back to check stats
after a few days.  You will be surprised by what we show you!

Remember to check the Terms of Service at each site where you wish
to promote your rotators; some sites do not allow users to promote

Now it is up to you to go login to your member’s area and put the trackers and rotators to good use!

George Culp
Your Service Needs Provider


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