New Affiliate Toolbox Item

We are pleased to announce the addition of
a new, exciting advertising method that is
located in your Affiliate Toolbox.

It will make recruiting new downline
members easier than ever. In fact, you
will probably say “Why didn’t I think of
that before”.

This process will show one splash page
and one banner (468×60 size only) from the
Affiliate Toolbox on a rotating basis. It
also tells the viewer how to get this
same process for themselves by getting
them to signup using your referral URL.

At the top of the page, it will have
your Gravatar image and your name so
it is more personal.

There is also an admin URL to promote
this process as well. Wayne and I are in
the process of getting that URL added to
all the places we advertise just to help
promote you and the traffic exchange.

You get your very own process added to
the admin URL for a day if you are an
UPGRADED member and meet at least one of
the following qualifications:
1. Surf at least 75 pages that day
2. Have at least 5 hits to your own
process URL in a day.

FREE members can still promote their
own process URL; they just won’t be
added to the rotation in the Admin URL.
That benefit is for upgraded members

The only difference is once your URL
gets added to the admin URL, it will
promote one of the URLs you are promoting
here at this traffic exchange provided
you have credits assigned to that URL.

The beauty of this process is it
doesn’t cost you credits to use it
even when its added to the admin URL.
Its like getting free advertising!

I think we have called this a process
long enough. Its time to let you know
the name of this new magnificent tool.

It is called Your Promo Wall and is
located near the top of your Affiliate

So start promoting your own Wall
to increase your number of downline
members! Wayne and I will do our part
by promoting the Admin URL everywhere
we can.

Your Promo Wall URL is a rotator; so
make sure any place you want to
promote it, allows the use of rotators.

So go make this a wonderful promoting

If you have any questions/concerns
about Your Promo Wall, connect with
either of us on Skype or submit a
support ticket. We will get back in
touch with you as quickly as possible.

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Our Skype Contact Info:
Wayne Owens: wayne.owens1
George Culp: goferbiz


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