Quarterly Surf: Traffic Exchange Clicking to Increase Visitors to Your Site or Concern

At Quarterly Surf George and I have been working diligently
with Our 21st Century Traffic Group to Enhance the Ability
For our members to get Fresh Unique visitors to all of our sites.

At this moment Quarterly surf is gaining momentum daily to this end.
We are now giving all three Zubee Coins and are partnered with
several sites thru Joint promos that do the same.

This is greatly enhancing our membership and activity serving the
bottom line of traffic exchange purpose of bringing potential
customers to you as a member.

We are also have updated our downline Builders in all our traffic
exchanges to enable you to have your referrals Join all our
programs under you.

I once had a mentor that highly stressed the importance of keeping
your downline builders up to date and all you have to do now in our
Traffic Exchanges to accomplish this is click one button to add all
your IDS To them.

If you think you know anything else we could do to enhance our
programs, please feel free to contact us.

If you are a member of any of our traffic exchanges please go to your
downline builder to join Quarterly Surf. If you are not a member here
is my personal link:
Wayne’s link to QuarterlySurf.


Our Downline Builder has an introductory page with
some good information. At the bottom of that information
is a link to go to the actual Downline Builder. We
have what’s called a Multi Downline Builder. The
entries are placed into pre-defined categories.

At the top of each of the category pages is some brief
instructions along with a button called “Fill My Downline
Builder”. You can click on that button and it will
automatically fill-in your ids in all the sites using
LFMTE or LFMVM scripts (a lot of them are of that type).

Otherwise you must manually enter your id in the other
entries and click on the “Update Referral IDs” button
located at the bottom of all the entries for that category.

So make sure you go into this TE and update your ids
in all the programs you belong to. You might even find
some program(s) you want to join.

If you want to join a Downline Builder program, there’s
a line just below the program’s image: “To Sign Up Click Here”.
The “Click Here” is a link to that program so you can join.
Be Profitable and Have Fun!


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