Your Favorite games May be in Trouble

As TE owners we strive to give our members/customers the very best surfing experience we can. All the outside gifts we give out are not Free. I am talking Zubees, CTP, VTG and others.

In order for these programs to work owners of programs such as TEs must buy monthly subscriptions. You may not be aware the we don’t possess any money growing plants or trees. All money to support these programs must come from member subscriptions or TEs and other such programs cannot survive.

Zubees have temporarily stopped converting to cash because the money flow cycle has been stopped or severely slowed by the actions of PayPal. Some owners have lost their businesses because they cannot even afford $20 to $40 or more for hosting their domains.

These games supported by TEs cost much more than hosting like 2 to 3 times and more. We are talking hundreds of dollars going out monthly for games to entertain surfers. You can see why converting zubees to cash may be temporarily paused while owners recover from the PayPal disaster.

In the mean time…
If you can support your favorite TEs with just a small monthly subscription this would greatly enhance the recovery of the industry.


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